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It all made sense the second I played the first chord through them. These PUPs are the real deal.

The Blondie Set, from Lambertones, was a pleasant tonal surprise to my ears. I found them to be very dynamically responsive to play my playing. Smooth as butter with a gentle chord sweep and with a nice pick plucking, a tone that will bite your head off in the best way possible. With these dynamics, you'll never have a problem cutting through the mix.

The bridge is slightly overwound which adds so much to that high-end bite and really gives you the ability to get some real solid twang out of the guitar without any "ice-pick" overtones. I am a huge fan of this bridge pup.

The neck... Oh the neck... This thing punches really well but it isn't floppy. It has a really tight response time and no low-end latency that you'll find in some neck pickups. It has a ton of soul and warmth. Really making it a nice blend with with the Blondie Bridge. I honestly find myself having trouble with the selector switch simply because I am loving the tones coming from all of the configurations.

If you like your tele to spank hard and get real warm and punchy, then you really need to check out this set. As a company, Lambertones is as solid as their pickups. Great communication, great pricing, and as you can see, great products. We are really pumped to be working with them.

All in all, the Blondie set from Lambertones is a real winner. Period.

Jimmy Darr - 920D Manager



2018 Tour with NEEDTOBREATHE

2018 Tour with NEEDTOBREATHE

micah nichols - needtobreathe & seacoast worship - the cremas

"So - I’ve coil-tapped both of my Les Pauls for years to get rid of the low-mid mud world that we all struggle with ... I literally couldn’t imagine coil-tapping your cremas. There is so much clarity and definition in the top-end, and a tight punch in the low-end - it’s perfectly balanced! I love how natural and responsive the compression feels - no squishy mids. Very cool. You’ve really got something special going on homie. I’m a fan. Can’t wait to dig in more and see what other colors these pickups present."

"These pickups are blowing my mind! I'm testing out some Kemper profiles for some of our guys to use at church - I was blown away at how your Cremas responded - by far my favorite PAF style pickups I've ever used..."

James Hatcher - "the triple shots"

"This is my 5th week playing live with my "Triple Shot" set. Every time I pickup up my guitar it blows my mind... 2 months (at home and in the mix on stage) and not once have I said... 'Aaah I should play something else for that part.' These pickups have, for me, made playing easier because I get more distinction between pickups. I often find myself using just raw guitar + amp, with only a little adj from Prism and a little drive from the Scarlett. If your on the fence, let me tell you these pickups are fresh and exciting and full of tone. For the skeptic.... make no mistake all my vintage Strat sound is there.... What can I say except, 'I regret that I have but only 1 Strat to give to LAMBERTONES'".



zachary saucier - "get offset" Podcast - the cremas

"The Lambertones Cremas were the best gift of life to my old 335 dot studios tone. Turned a muddy old Epiphone into a thing of beauty both aesthetically and sonically. 10/10 will always recommend Lambertones for all your tonal needs.


Scott hamilton - the effects loop podcast - "the triple shots"

"Just got the triple shots installed, these things are punchy, very different animal than what I'm used to with my strats but in a good way. I've never played a more purcussive and punchy pickup that stayed balanced."


Joshua benton - "the crema" Neck / "the grinder" bridge

"I am in love. The neck: full and warm, yet there is a smooth, clear midrange that just cuts through without being harsh. So satisfying for the clean and crazy tones. The bridge: bright, bold, and roars, but can be gentle and clear when clean. Man, oh man. The neck is nothing I have experienced yet. The differences are subtle but welcome and really remarkable. The bridge is a solid pickup that doesn't muddy or become too shrill. It sits right where you want it to. Crema neck. Grinder bridge. 100% glorified tone."

Ryan - "the blondies"

"I love the tone. I have set it up such that I have a very big sweep for my tone control, so I can have it very bright and spanky or tone it down. I paired them up with Emerson Custom Electronics. Right now I'm absolutely loving the neck pickup with the tone dialed down a little. The pickups are clear, expressive, and probably the best Tele pickups out there."



tony messer - aged Cremas

"I always loved the look and meaning to this guitar but the sound was lacking. Kurtis fixed that for me with these Lambertones "Crema" pickups. It sounds so smooth and laid back. I love it all around now. It is my #1 now!"

Justin Abel - Tone Lab Studio - the blondies

"The Blondie's instantly made my tele sound bigger and clearer than I have ever heard. Crisp highs and extremely defined lows. They will be on every record I produce from here on without a doubt in my mind."


David Olson - David Olson Audio - the grinders

"I had no idea what clarity I'd been missing before I heard Lambertones. I'll never go back."

Adam Black - common hours (the crema's & the triple shots)

"I've found the ultimate tone secret and its LAMBERTONES. I thought it was impossible to have the same dynamics and clarity from humbuckers as with single-coil pickups but I was wrong.