"the BLONDIE" Filter

"the BLONDIE" Filter

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Sometimes a dark roast is just a little too much and we really need more of a "mmm, yes, that's good" experience. Mellow, light, yet powerfully flavorful.

These are the characteristics of "the BLONDIE" tele-style pickup set, very dynamic, open, smooth across the strings but will bite nicely with a good pluck. Our bridge is slightly overwound with a unique wire pairing to give a beautiful lead sound that is perfect for live performance and studio recording. The neck is warm, soulful, and thick featuring slightly more high's than a traditional neck pup making it a tough choice to choose which position to leave the selector. Our design features very little volume variance between the neck and the bridge so you can spend less time turning knobs, and more time twanging' strings.

This is the same Blondie pickup set but with our Filter cover on the neck pickup which unleashes even more clarity and string articulation than the traditional nickel silver covers.

*Nashville Set - This set is the normal Neck and Bridge plus a single coil middle pickup that comes stock in a Nashville Tele-type guitar.

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A review of LAMBERTONES Pickups, "the BLONDIE's", by Artist David Dayton or Richland, WA.