"the CREMA" for Jazzmaster

"the CREMA" for Jazzmaster

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It’s here! It has happened! Our flagship humbucker is now available in a Jazzmaster housing and its a wonderful pairing for the offset bode we love to play but couldn’t handle the hum anymore.

These require 500k pots to work, so your existing wiring harness will need to be modified to accept humbuckers to sound like it should. If you have any questions at all please give us a call or send us an email here.

These are an exact replication of “the CREMA”, so to read more about what those are click HERE!

Neck Specs: 3.55k DCR, AlNiCo IV

Bridge Specs: 4.35k DCR, AlNiCo VIII

Cover Color:
Wire Configuration:
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A FULL demo of LAMBERTONES Pickups, "the CREMA's", by Artist David Dayton of Kennewick, WA.

Guitar: MIK Peerless Firefox

Amp: Matchless Chiefton Kemper Profile