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handcrafted and designed to take your tone to a completely new level

love your tone.



Behind every musician are the tools of their trade. Using quality craftsmanship and components allow us to shine our brightest and sound our biggest. Don't let assembly-line production hold your tone back. Our pickups are crafted to order with each artist and builder in mind. 

Welcome to the Family.

I played my LP with the Crema’s for about 3 hours tonight. They’re probably the best pickups I’ve ever had in a guitar.
— Brian Wahl - Founder of Worship Tutorials
Lambertones Blondies hands down. I’m a guitar tech on the side and so I’ve played a lot of different Telecaster guitars and I can honestly say that the Blondies are the best Tele pickup I’ve dealt with. The blondie neck pickup is downright amazing.
— Cory Plowman - Worship Player & Guitar Tech
Lambertones Blondies are absolutely stunning - I’ve had them in a couple weeks now and they still blow me away every time I plug in. The neck pup in particular is phenomenal. Plus, Kurtis is great to deal with - very helpful. I reached out to several companies about their pickups when I was choosing some for my new build, and he stood out from the pack. Instantly got me on board and I’ve been incredibly pleased!
— Sam Moschler - Designer
the blondie’s instantly made my tele sound bigger and clearer than I have ever heard. crisp highs and extremely defined lows. they will be on every record i produce from here on without a doubt in my mind.
— justin abel, producer and mix engineer
I’ve found the ultimate tone secret and its lambertones. i thought it was impossible to have the same dynamics and clarity from humbuckers as with single-coil pickups but i was wrong.
— Adam Black, Artist
i had no idea what clarity i’d been missing before i heard lambertones. i’ll never go back.
— David Olson, Guitar Player & Sound Engineer