Q: do you offer any bulk order discounts?

A: We offer a 15% discount for 2+ set orders for religious organizations and approved educational systems. Bulk order discounts are available on a consumer level but will need to be approved on a case by case basis. Please send us an inquiry or give us a call for approval and promo code instructions.

Q: how quickly will i get my pickups?

A: Most orders ship within two weeks. We build every set of pickups to order, so between our Dealers, Builders, Reverb, and direct website orders it can get real busy!  If we are out of stock, waiting for parts, or some other delay in your order to push the shipping date over the agreed waiting period during the checkout process we will contact you directly to discuss a more accurate timeline.

Q: How do i install lambertones into my instrument?

A: LAMBERTONES are designed to be as simple as possible to install, but if you aren’t comfortable soldering please bring your new pickups to a luthier or guitar technician. We have installation info and schematics in the making, so sign up for our newsletter to be notified when that content becomes available.

 Basic soldering skills are needed, so please use your discretion before installing yourself! LAMBERTONES is not responsible for any damage done to your instrument during install/removal. We know many qualified luthiers and guitar technicians and are happy to recommend one to you!

Q: i'm not sure i like lambertones in my instrument... can i have my money back?

A: Absolutely. If you are not 100% satisfied and excited to be a part of the LAMBERTONES family, we will exchange your LAMBERTONES with another model we make, or we will refund the purchase price of your pickups within 90 days of original purchase. We’ll even pay for return shipping! We are confident that you will love LAMBERTONES as much as we do. If you don’t, we will make it right — no matter what!

***Note: This only applies to pickups purchased directly through our online store, our 90-day guarantee does not apply to any dealer/reverb/builder orders.

Q: what kind of warranty do my lambertones have?

A: Lifetime. Guaranteed. If your LAMBERTONES stop working for any reason, besides improper install/use/abuse, send them back and we will repair yours or get you a replacement ASAP. Each warranty must be approved by us BEFORE you ship your pickup(s) to us. If you we receive your pickups before approved a warranty return we cannot guarantee the process of the repair/replacement and you’d end up paying for shipping yourself, bummer!


Q: will you do special orders?

A: Yes! If you just have to have specific winding specs for your guitar or want custom covers made or a specific color coding for the wiring we are happy to work with you. Special orders will cost considerably more, so send us a message or give us a call about what you're looking for and we can get you a quote. 


Q: will you do loaded pickguards?

A: It depends! We specialize in SSS, HSS, and HSH Strat-type pickguards. We also do a unique Tele Deluxe/Thinline loaded pickguard. These are custom quotes only, so send us an inquiry HERE to start the process. We prefer to use new materials, but if you have a special design or unique guard we can work with you to install on your existing guard.