who we are

Designed with the 99% of players in mind who can't afford a high-end electric guitar much less a boutique build, LAMBERTONES was started to give you a way to have professional tone for a much more reasonable investment. Between 5-10% of your electric guitars tonal qualities come from the materials of the instrument: wood types, pocket routing, nut build quality, bridge saddle technology, etc. The other 90% of your tone quality comes from your electrical components: pickups, shielding, potentiometers, capacitors, etc. Most guitars priced under $1500 come with mass produced pickups made overseas, low-tolerance winding specs, sub-par quality wire, substitute magnets, and more.

Your tone potential suffers…

unless you buy signature high-end electric guitars from big name brands, which can cost in the thousands, or commission a boutique electric guitar build which can be up to the tens of thousands of dollars. 

Put LAMBERTONES in any guitar…

and we are confident that you will have better tone than some of the best custom guitars on the planet. 


Above all else

We are Jesus-followers. Family next. Finally, fueled by coffee, we strive to build the best sounding guitar pickups in the world and give you the very best experience possible. Welcome to the family.


- Kurtis Lamberton (Owner)